Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

• Space Shiba is launching a presale of its $SPCSHIB token with a soft cap of 5 ETH.
• The team intends to explore the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by curating an exclusive collection in the near future.
• Space Shiba has an ambitious roadmap for growth, including three distinct phases and plans to list on both centralized and decentralized exchanges (CEX & DEX).


Space Shiba is a cryptocurrency combining memes and the Ethereum blockchain to create an entertaining decentralized ecosystem. With this announcement, users will be able to purchase $SPCSHIB ahead of time before its full launch.

Space Shiba’s Upcoming Presale

Space Shiba’s upcoming presale will allow users to purchase $SPCSHIB tokens with Ether. It has a soft cap of 5 ETH and will begin on June 22, 2023, at 8 PM UTC. The whole presale round will end on June 25 at the same time. Afterward, the token will go live on Uniswap with liquidity locked up for 365 days after the pool ends. To participate in the presale, users must create a MetaMask wallet using either their desktop or mobile device. At this point, they will need to transfer Ether directly to the wallet. Then they can connect their wallet to Pinksale and start swapping for $SPCSHIB tokens. Searching for the token address directly from the team’s official social media accounts is also possible.


The team’s tokenomics features a pre-defined allocation for $SPCSHIB: 50% of the tokens will be available for the Pinksale fair launch; 30.4% will be in liquidity pools; 9.6% will go towards web3 projects, marketing, and raising awareness; 5% will help the team fund CEX listing operations; 5% goes to the team members Crypto fair launches are a popular trend, and this team intends to give early investors the best experience possible..

Growth Path

Space Shiba is on an ambitious growth path, with a roadmap that includes three distinct phases. Phase 1 focuses on launching the website, creating a community via Twitter and Telegram, Pinksale presale, and listing on DEX . The second phase aims to launch post-marketing campaigns , list on CoinMarketCap & Coingecko ,and achieve 1 ,000 holders . The third phase focuses on CEX listing , DEFI integration with DAO ,and launching an NFT collection . Additionally , Space Shiba plans to achieve 10k holders . NFTs will bring unique digital assets and collectibles , allowing users to own and trade limited – edition meme – inspired artworks . This ecosystem diversification intends to provide new opportunities for engagement and growth .


Space Shiba aims to grow and expand its reach by offering users new opportunities through non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as well as listing its token on various centralized and decentralized exchanges (CEX & DEX). Through its ambitious roadmap for growth featuring three distinct phases it hopes to achieve 10k holders as well as provide benefits such as exclusive collections of meme-inspired artwork tokens that can be traded amongst holders soon!

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