Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

• Symmetry has launched an all-in-one platform for creating, managing, buying, and selling funds on Solana blockchain.
• The platform provides a range of opportunities for fund managers and users, including on-chain funds, indices, liquidity pools and routing between indices and DEX aggregators.
• Symmetry’s liquidity provision feature allows funds to rebalance at zero cost while generating fees from aggregator users.

Symmetry Launches User Interface to Revolutionize DeFi On Solana

Features & Benefits

Symmetry is a decentralized Crypto Indices and Actively Managed Funds infrastructure layer built on Solana, powered by the Symmetry Engine. This innovative on-chain asset management infrastructure covers everything from on-chain funds, indices, and multi-token liquidity pools to liquidity routing between indices and decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregators. It also offers public APIs for other DeFi projects to integrate Symmetry products seamlessly.

Opportunities For Fund Managers & Users

The platform offers a wide range of opportunities for both fund managers and users. Managers can create and manage funds with multiple tokens that reweigh, rebalance, and refilter according to custom rules defined by the manager or create a trustless Crypto Index with predefined rules. Users can create their own actively managed funds or indices and buy or sell others created by other users or protocols.

Liquidity Provision Feature

Symmetry’s liquidity provision feature allows indices and actively managed funds to act as liquidity providers on DeFi aggregators such as PRISM and Jupiter when their token weights deviate from the target weights. This groundbreaking feature not only enables funds to rebalance at zero cost but also generates fees from aggregator users for fund managers and holders – a significant departure from traditional approaches where indices usually have to pay fees in order to rebalance.

Pyth Price Oracle

The Symmetry Engine relies on Pyth, a reliable price oracle, in order to determine true prices for each asset utilized in its products – essential for determining fund values, rebalancing triggers & buy/sell values for users accurately within the platform.

Example Use Cases

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