Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

• InQubeta is a modern crypto crowdfunding platform and NFT marketplace that’s changing how AI startups raise funds and engage with their community.
• Investors can participate in investment opportunities that suit their budget by purchasing NFTs representing fractionalized investments in AI startups.
• The $QUBE token also serves as a governance token, empowering holders to actively participate in the decision-making processes of the platform.

InQubeta: A Revolutionary Crypto Crowdfunding Platform for AI Startups

The hottest trend of this year, an AI crypto battle is shaping up to be one of the biggest game changers. Among many projects competing for success, we think InQubeta will stand out from the rest due to its innovative presale. To understand why it could be a moonshot, let’s take a closer look at what this project offers.

Fractional Investment Opportunities For Any Budget

InQubeta introduces fractional investment in AI startups through the use of special tokens called $QUBE. This approach provides investors with access to early backing opportunities regardless of their budget size. Additionally, these tokens come with a deflationary mechanism which increases their value over time thanks to 2% tax on all buys and sells contributing to a burn wallet as well as 5% sell tax going directly into rewards pool so holders can benefit from staking them.

Transparency & Security With Blockchain Technology

The project built on Ethereum blockchain ensures efficiency and accessibility for both investors and startups through smart contracts while its native token allows holders to actively participate in decision-making process by proposing ideas, engaging in conversations or voting on proposals – they have direct say about how it develops further! In addition, InQubera plans to become multichain soon which will enhance its diversity even more.

NFT Marketplace For Maximum Benefits

By leveraging blockchain technology, it provides seamless and secure investment ecosystem where investors can purchase NFTs representing fractions of interest in AI startups thus gaining maximum benefits out of their investments as well as supporting growth & success of those businesses at same time!


To summarise it all up – InQubeta has managed to create mutually beneficial ecosystem connecting investors with AI startups via unique opportunity represented by its own $QUBE token enabling fractional investments perfect for any budget size while providing safety & security through smart contracts & blockchain technology plus offering additional advantages like rewards pool or active engagement with no extra cost attached!

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