Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

• Mark Maraia is a professional development author and Bitcoin researcher who has been studying Bitcoin since 2020.
• Marty Bent and Ryan Breslow had a discussion on the podcast TFTC about addiction to technology and Twitter specifically.
• Breslow suggested managing time on Twitter by checking it once per post to see how it did, which is easy to say but hard to do.

Studying Bitcoin

Mark Maraia is a professional development author and Bitcoin researcher who has been studying Bitcoin since 2020. He noticed that there was a strong community of people on Twitter dedicated to discussing Bitcoin, leading him to call it “Bitcoin Twitter”. Despite having an account since 2009, he does not use it for tweeting due his opinion that social media is a huge time and productivity drain as well as the worst addiction of our age.

A Podcast Discussion

On an episode of the podcast TFTC, host Marty Bent and guest Ryan Breslow discussed their personal addictions to technology and Twitter specifically. They both admitted having an addiction but differed in how they were working towards breaking it; while Bent didn’t seem to be doing much about it, Breslow was actively trying to manage his time better when using Twitter by only checking it once after each post.

The “Crackberry” Problem

Maraia has written extensively on the growing addiction problem caused by devices before smartphones or even Bitcoin existed — writing a chapter in his second book titled ‘Fire Your PDA!’ which referred ironically to Blackberries (or ‘crackberries’) whose users at one point did not know how switch them off due their high levels of addictiveness.

No Silver Bullet Solution

Maraia himself doesn’t use Twitter but instead uses Telegram as a middle ground between no participation on social media platforms and full-on participation. However, there is no silver bullet solution according to Breslow — day-to-day management must be done in order for people to break their addictions from something so easily available with just one button press away.


In conclusion, Maraia’s research into the world of Bitcoin shows us that there is indeed a vibrant community present on Twitter for discussing cryptocurrency-related topics — though this also leads us into discussing our own addictions with technology as something that can be managed through day-to-day effort rather than searching for one single solution or cure-all approach.

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